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Online superstore for solar energy, portable power, camping gear, emergency equipment, outdoor stuff, and ecofriendly products.


Frank Molina, CLCS

"People go green for many different reasons, but the main reason is because it can make economic sense.  Return on investments have been greatly improved by incentives and the best part about purchasing green energy improvements is that you can go home and sleep at night."

Frank Molina, Founder of Stellavolta, earned his Bachelor of Business Administration with a Major in Finance from the University of Texas in San Antonio. He brings more than 20 years experience in sales, production management, commercial underwriting, investment allocation, customer service and sales training, retention analysis, business plan development, small to large commercial risk evaluation and insurance planning for domestic and international exposures, loss control assessment, property appraisal review, and research projects. Frank holds a Commercial Lines Coverage Specialist designation certified by the National Underwriter Company. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Frank worked as a Sales Executive at Wells Fargo, an Account Executive at Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire, a Commercial Underwriter with Hartford Insurance Group, and a Production Manager with West Teleservices.

He has rejuvenated under-performing territories and projects in various roles, developed international relationships with various business partners and overcome a wide array of challenges in multiple entrepreneurial environments.

He is an avid competitor and athlete receiving accolades, winning championships in various sports, and riding in several bicycle tours.


Lourdes Aguinaco, MPA
Vice President

"Interaction with the community is key to understanding how to best implement green energy initiatives that will successfully blend with their lives.  By getting to know the people around you, you learn to love and respect them, and as a result, cater to their needs.  That way, they can benefit from a cleaner environment today, instead of passing on the burden to the next generation."

Lourdes Aguinaco graduated from the University of Houston with a double-major in Political Science and Psychology.  She later earned her Masters in Public Administration specializing in Communications Management, also from the University of Houston.  She brings experience in public policy research and community interaction and is astute at managing the firm's public relations, community relations programs, implementing corporate social responsibility standards and overseeing online retail sales and team.

Lourdes joined Stellavolta in June 2009 and has helped to lay the building blocks of a fast growing organization.  Since then she has helped improve the workplace earning us the Best Workplace for Commuters Award, recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Transportation.  She also works on projects intended to provide and facilitate assistance to disadvantaged families.

Lourdes is Team Captain for the cycling team, Team Akari.  In this role, she takes lead organizing the team, coordinating logistics, finding sponsors, and many other functions.  She is an athlete and rides in various bicycle tours.

Carmen Aguinaco
Production Manager

"Love Mother Earth and she will love you back."

Carmen Aguinaco is currently in the process of earning a degree in History and aspires to become an elementary school teacher. She has over five years of experience in consumer brand sales promotions and marketing. During her free time, she enjoys playing video games, painting, and participating in sports.

Carmen Aguinaco

CFO, Chief Fun Officer

"What we've got is cool and ecofriendly. I call this cocktail 'ecocool'. I never approve an item that smells fishy. And I'm so cool, I only need one picture."

Maverick was born in New York and studied the coolness and fetchability of ecofriendly products in Houston, Texas. He brings over 18 months of experience in sniffing, barking, fetching, and being cool which pretty much sums up his time on this earth. Maverick is charged with ensuring that our entire line of products meets his benchmark standards and is very serious about his work.

He is a fast walker and a natural at fetching the ball and catching the frisbee.