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What is a WEEB?

WEEB stands for "Washer, Electrical Equipment Bonding". The WEEB family of products are used to bond solar panels to solar mounts. The mounts are then grounded so the entire assembly is grounded.

The remaining products are used for rail mount systems. For brevity we use WEEB-xMC to refer to any of the rail parts. The following list shows which part is used for each rail manufacturer.

  • PMC → ProSolar, AEE
  • UMC → UniRac
  • DMC → Direct Power & Water, Two Seas
  • SMC → Schüco

Why Should I Use it?

  • It saves you time!
    • ...No more running ground wire to every solar panel.
  • It's safe.
    • ...Meets ANSI/UL467 requirements for bonding/grounding systems.
  • It's reliable.
    • ...Patented design features stainless steel teeth that pierce into anodized aluminum, providing a gas tight connection which prevents oxidation.
    • ...Gives more consistent results than the method of scraping off the anodized coating by hand and using star washers.

The Details...

The products use patent pending technology for bonding anodized aluminum surfaces together. Bonding solar panels to a mounting structure removes the need to wire the solar panels separately: just the mounting structure needs to be wired to ground.

The WEEB-xMC(s) are used for rail-mounted solar panels. Retaining features keep the parts on the rail while still allowing them to be correctly positioned beneath the panels.

How Many Parts Do I Use?

In order to meet the ANSI/UL467 specification, two WEEBs must contact each solar panel. For the WEEB-xMC parts, since each part contacts two panel, two WEEB-xMC are required per PAIR* of solar panels installed. (*two additional WEEB-xMC required for end panel in odd-number rows)

WEEB-WMC are for use with DP&W PowerTube CRS, TTI Mounting Systems, and Unistrut 1 5/8" rail.


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