Wiley Electronics WEEB Bonding Jumper 8.0 for Splicing 30020121

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Wiley Electronics WEEB Bonding Jumper 6.7 for Splicing 30020121 WEEB-BNDJMP8.0.

The WEEB-Bonding Jumper is used to create an electrical connection between two pieces of anodized aluminum, galvanized steel, or any electrically conductive metal which has been mechanically spliced. Long spans of mounting rails are sometimes constructed from two shorter rail sections. Manufacturers may recommend that a floating splice be used to allow for thermal expansion. A floating splice is rigidly attached to only one rail, and allows the rails to expand and contract in line with each other. In such cases, via NEC code, it is also necessary to make an electrical splice, which can be done with a WEEB-Bonding Jumper. The Bonding Jumper is constructed of tin plated, braided copper wire with a WEEB washer attached at each end of the Jumper. The WEEB washers provide a reliable, gas tight electrical connection, and the braided copper wire allows for thermal expansion. All bonding jumpers are listed to ANSI/UL 467 by Intertek ETL. Able to sustain equivalent current to 6AWG copper wire (1530A for 6 seconds).

  • Corrosion resistant, tin plated, copper braid
  • Maintains electrical bond across spliced rails
  • Features WEEB Washer technology
  • Equivalent to #6 AWG copper conductor
  • Available assembled or unassembled
  • UL 467 Listed
  • WEEB Washers are recognized to UL2703

Long rails for roof mount installations are sometimes constructed from two shorter rail sections with a mechanical splice. It is then necessary to also make an electrical splice, which can be done with a WEEB (Washer, Electrical Equipment Bond) Bonding Jumper as shown in the image. For extremely long rails, the manufacturers generally recommend that the mechanical splice be connected at only one end, this allows for thermal expansion. When installing the electrical splice on spliced rails that require provisions for thermal expansion, install the WEEB Bonding Jumper with some slack in the tin-plated copper braid as shown in the image.


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