Wiley Electronics ACE Acme Conduit Entry Box and Mounting Bracket

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Price: $135.49 Quantity: Product #: IWE257 Mfg #: Wiley ACE
Wiley Electronics ASSET

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The ACE makes quick and simple transitions from USE-2 or PV array wire to conduit protected THWN-2 wire. The box features a compact two-piece UV resistant, NEMA3R rated, enclosure that allows ample wiring space and is compatible with any conduit type. The unique wire entry seals the enclosure even if entry slots are unused. Convenient side and bottom conduit drill out allow for easy conduit routing. The cover comes with captive screws for hassle-free assembly.

  • Pass-through or combiner box with bracket
  • Compatible with any conduit type
  • Two-piece protective enclosure for transitioning PV array wire to conduit wire
  • UL 1741 Listed

Mounting Bracket is included with the purchase of the ACE. It is made of lightweight, corrosion resistant, anodized aluminum. The mounting bracket assembly includes:

  • 1X ACE Mounting Bracket
  • 4X Mounting Screws
  • 2x Bonding Washers


Descriptions (see Wiley ACE Tear Sheet for more information)

  • ACE-PT: Pass-Through using Butt Splices/Wire Nuts
  • ACE-1P: 1-String Pass-Through
  • ACE-2P: 2-String Pass-Through
  • ACE-3P: 3-String Pass-Through
  • ACE-4P: 4-String Pass-Through
  • ACE-2C: 2-Strings Combiner
  • ACE-3C: 3-Strings Combiner
  • ACE-4C: 4-Strings Combiner

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