UniRac SunFrame Rail, Threaded 192 Inch

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Price: $107.85 Quantity: Product #: IUR361 Mfg #: 210192
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Ships Freight in 5 - 7 business days and separate from any non-freight items. Freight charge is $150 for the first rail and $5 for each additional rail thereafter. Your account will be credited for any freight charge over this amount.

SunFrame is also the choice of solar experts as an optimal solution for custom carport structures. It's accompanied by a technical support system that provides complete installation and code compliance documentation, an on-line estimator and design assistance to help you solve the toughest challenges.

Key Benefits

Superior aesthetics

  • Modules are flush mounted in low-gap-free rows
  • Visible components match clear or dark module frames
  • End caps cover rail cross-section
  • Optimized module performance, system spacing allows convection cooling

Ease of installation (flexible)

  • Installer-friendly components (manage modules hands-free)
  • Minimized penetration with longer attachment spans than competitive products
  • Designed with customer input

Rail picture description:

1. Rail: Supports solar panels. Use one per row of panels plus one. Shipped in 8- or 16-foot lengths. 6105-T5 aluminum extrusion, anodized (clear or dark bronze) to match solar panel frame.

2. Cap Strip: Secures solar panels to rails and neatly frames top of array. Lengths equals rail lengths. Cap strips are sized for specific solar panels. Shipped in 8- or 16-foot lenghs. Predrilled every 8 inches. 6105-T5 aluminum extrusion, anodized (clear or dark bronze) to match solar panel frame.

3. Rail Splice: Joins rail sections into single length of rail. It can form either a rigid or thermal expansion joint. 8 inches long, predrilled. 6105-T5 aluminum extrusion, anodized (clear or dark bronze) to match solar panel frame.

4. End Caps: Use one to neatly close each rail end. UV resistant black plastic.

5.  L-Foot: Use to secure rails either through roofing material to rafters, to L-foot adjusting sliders, or to standoffs. Use no less than one L-foot per 4 feet of rail. 6105-T5 aluminum extrusion, anodized (clear or dark bronze) to match solar panel frame.

6. L-Foot adjuster slider(optional): Use one beneath each L-foot or aluminum two-piece standoff, except in lowest row. 6105-T5 aluminum extrusion. Sliders allow easier alignment of rails and better snugging of solar panels between rails. Includes 3/8 " x 1 1/4 " bolt with flange nut for attaching L-foot or standoff shaft, and two 5/16 " x 2 1/2" lag bolts with flat washers for securing sliders to rafters.

7. Flattop standoff(optional): Use if L-foot cannot be secured directly to rafter (with tile or shake roofs, for example). Use one per L-foot. Two-piece (pictured): 6105-T5 aluminum extrusion. Includes 3 /8 " x 3 /4 " serrated flange bolt with EPDM washer for attaching L-foot, and two 5 /16 " x 3 1 /2" lag bolts. One-piece: Service Condition 4 (very severe) zinc-plated welded steel. Includes 3/8 " x 1 1/4 " bolt with lock washer for attaching L-foot. Flashings: Use one per standoff. Unirac offers appropriate flashings for both standoff types.

SunFrame is covered by a 10-year limited product warranty and 5-year limited finish warranty. For specific details, download the SunFrame Code Compliant Planning and Assembly manual from our Installation Manual links above.


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