UniRac SolarMount Integrated Bonding Splice Bar, Serrated

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Price: $5.85 Quantity: Product #: IUR719 Mfg #: 303018C or 303018D
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  • Order one splice wherever two segments are to be joined into a single rail.
  • Splice Bar for SolarMount Standard and Heavy Duty Rail
  • Kit Includes: Splice Bar and Four Screws

SolarMount is the most versatile PV mounting rail system on the market today.

Unirac has engineered installer-friendly components for maximum flexibility, allowing you to solve virtually any PV mounting challenge.

The universal SolarMount rail system has two options which can be assembled into a wide variety of PV mounting structures to accommodate any job site. Unirac provides a technical support system complete with installation and code compliance documentation, an on-line estimator and design assistance to help you solve the toughest challenges.


  • 303018C: UniRac SolarMount Bonding Splice Bar, Serrated Clear
  • 303018D: UniRac SolarMount Bonding Splice Bar, Serrated Dark


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