UniRac 004400C 2-Piece Aluminum Flat Top Standoff 4 Inch

Price: $8.06 Quantity: Product #: IUR1369 Mfg #: 004400C
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Use with SunFrame, SolarMount standard, or SolarMount HD rails. Secure to rafter with 2 lag screws. Secure L-foot or installer-supplied strut directly to standoff with standoff hardware. Especially convenient when installing over a tile roof because flashing can be precisely fitted over secured base prior to installation of shaft.

Use standoffs whenever flashed installations are required–on tile roofs, for example. The new two-piece aluminum standoff allows precise placement of a flashing over a secured base prior to the installation of the standoff itself. They come in a range of standard height 4 inches. Choose a flashing that’s a perfect mate for your standoff and roof type.


  • 004400C: UniRac 2- Piece Aluminum Flat Top Standoff 4 Inch Clear without lag bolts


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