Tyco Electronics Solklip Grounding Clip Assembly 10-12 AWG 1954381-2

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Tyco Electronics Solklip Grounding Clip Assembly 10-12 AWG with #8 32 panhead screw & #8 nut/wash, 1954381-2

Tyco Electronics’ newest innovation provides the photovoltaic integrator with a solution for grounding PV panels and mounting frames. The Tyco Electronics SolKlip brings a new ground connection solution to the market by utilizing a well-known insulation displacement termination. Existing solutions typically require the use of ring tongue crimp terminals which have to be crimped first at a specific location on the wire, a hole is then drilled into the mounting surface, and the product is finally mounted on the frame with a separate thread forming or self-tapping screw. The new Tyco Electronics SolKlip provides an extremely simplified solution for terminating a continuous-run ground wire.

Termination times are measured in seconds using the pre-mounted Tyco Electronics SolKlip thereby saving time and reducing wiring costs substantially. The four-point wire contact inherent in the design optimizes grounding performance and provides protection against contact problems due to its low interface resistance.

The Tyco Electronics SolKlip can be used with un-insulated copper wires from 12 AWG to 10 AWG. The retained-force nature of the contact provides a robust interface that minimizes vibration or thermally induced termination problems that often occur with traditional ground-screw connections. Termination of the wire is safely and easily accomplished without tools by simply inserting the wire and closing the cover.

With a tensile strength of up to 36 kg, the UV-resistant enclosure provides a secure termination even in roughest environmental and assembly conditions. As an added benefit, the connection can be opened and re-terminated again up to five times. Retrofitting the Tyco Electronics SolKlip on panels or frames can be done at any time by simply drilling mounting holes in the frame and attaching the terminal to the frame using the integrated, self-tapping screw. This ensures a secure connection with the panel and/or frame.

The patent-pending Tyco Electronics SolKlip ground terminal supplements the existing Tyco Electronics SOLARLOK product portfolio and offers the electrician yet another valuable component for simple and fast wiring of a PV-system.

SolKlip ground clips are designed for solar panel grounding applications using solid un-insulated copper 10 AWG and 12 AWG.

Solar panels and related products that require grounding for safety reasons. Applications include: wire jumpers between solar panels, solar roof tiles and between panels and the AC/DC inverters.

The electrical performance of this product will meet the tough requirements of photovoltaic grounding applications.

Product Offering & Dimensions 
SolKlip for Solar Grounding Part No. 1954381-1 to handle 12–10 AWG solid, uninsulated ground wire.

Application Tooling
No special tooling required.

Standards and Specifications
SolKlip Grounding Clip: UL 467 pending, a requirement for UL 1703 solar panel listing. UL 486A-B pending, also a requirement as part of the UL 1703 approval listing.

Housing: Durable PPT
Contact: High conductivity copper alloy

The mechanical properties of this product will meet the tough requirements for grounding applications laid down in the UL requirements. 

Product Features
■ Self-tapping screw
■ Quick and easy mounting
■ Four-point contact to wire
■ Low interface resistance
■ Tool-less termination
■ Re-terminateable up to 5 times
■ UV resistant
■ Weather-proof
■ UL approved
■ RoHS compliant

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