Sierra Wave 5 Watt Solar Collector 9505

Price: $78.45 Quantity: Product #: CSW1178 Mfg #: 9505

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The Sierra Wave 5-Watt Solar Collector efficiently generates solar energy for a variety of devices. The outer Nylon material is weatherproof and provides durable protection to the solar cells. In addition, a chaining feature allows 3 of these collectors to be connected together to increase energy collection.


  • High quality monocrystalline solar cells
  • Durable Nylon outer
  • Multi-Voltage Power Port Hub that allows for 5V USB, 6V, AND 15V power output options
  • Barrel power adapter that creates the ability to use your device's 12V DC vehicle charger to connect to the Solar Collector
  • Power Port Hub provides power regulation protection to your electronic device
  • Uses: Directly charge electronic devices such as cell phones/smart phones, MP3/iPods, GPS, eReaders/Tablets/iPads, flashlights, lanterns, cameras, and battery storage devices (#9614, #9660, & #7403).


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