Sentina uSwitch Motion Sensor External Lamp Control PM-303B

Price: $27.50 Quantity: Product #: CTEL783 Mfg #: PM-303B

Ships in 3 - 4 business days.

This remarkable lamp controller will save energy, money, and provide you with home security! Avoid the time and expense of constantly turning lights on or off. uSwitch does it all for you automatically and lets you customize how quickly the lights shut off when you leave the room.

An intelligent motion sensor built-in to the uSwitch detects your movement as you enter the room and will switch on any lighting appliance that you choose to plug in. Save the electric costs of turning your lights on and off and avoid accidentally leaving lights on in your room. The built-in LED nightlight on the top of the unit provides additional low cost lighting.

The Sentina uSwitch is great for use in hallways, foyers, bathrooms, basements, or your garage. Buy more than one and place them all over your house.

By dusk, the uSwitch can detect movement and will turn on your lamp automatically. As you leave the room, the lamp will also shut off automatically in specified time increments of 1 min, 5 min, or 10 min. The uSwitch is a smart energy tool that frees up your life! U/L approved.

1 Year Warranty.


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