Sentina Stick-On Motion Sensor Light and Hands-Free Bracket LED-90

Price: $21.99 Quantity: Product #: CTEL782 Mfg #: LED-90

Ships in 3 - 4 business days.

The Sentina Stik-On Light has the motion sensor features of the original Sentina (LED-92M) with added mobility. The Sentina Stik-On can be placed in almost any location and with its motion sensing capabilities, it is able to sense movements up to six feet away.

It also features a wall cradle, which provides hands-free lighting. The Stik-On Light reacts to your presence and minimizes the need to switch on room lights and helping to save energy.

In the case of an emergency, the Sentina Stik-On is capable of 120 lumens of light, so you'll never be caught in the dark again. It is powered by three AAA alkaline batteries that last up to one year to give you the comfort of added safety and protection.

Equip the Sentina Stik-On in any room such as hallways, garages, closets, or stairwells to make any area safer for everyone.


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