Sentina MAX Light Pro Grade Motion & Photo Sensor PM-315B

Price: $31.05 Quantity: Product #: CTEL780 Mfg #: PM-315B

Ships in 3 - 4 business days.

Sentina MAX Light combines a pro-grade motion sensor and photo sensor with LED technology in one self contained unit. It detects movement at dusk by turning on the self contained Pro Grade LED automatically to light your way and give you the joy of being greeted every time you approach. At dusk, the LED lights up and produces 170 Lux for safety.

As movements are sensed by the Pro Grade Motion Detector, the Sentina MAX Light turns on the 16 built-in LEDs that are bright enough for moving from room to room. This energy saving light frees you from having to switch on the room lights. It also automatically turns off the lamp as you exit the room to conserve energy.

The Sentina MAX Light prevents you from having to look for switches in the dark or forgetting to turn them off. The 3 watt smart solution maximizes your energy efficiency that only costs one penny a day.

This green thumb solution is made easy without the need for expensive electrical rewiring. Simply plug it in and start saving money immediately.

1 Year Warranty.


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