SeamSafe Roof Bracket

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Price: $309.99 Quantity: Product #: ICSA1170 Mfg #: 20
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Paired with the SeamSafe Roof Anchor the ROOFBRACKET provides secure support for everything from materials and tools to tradesmen. It really sets a new standard for safety and versatility.

The SeamSafe® Roof Bracket extends the value of the roof anchors you already love. It creates the option for additional workspace and stability for workers in areas that were not available in the past. After our Roof Brackets are installed on the seams of a metal roof, items can be attached to create a "table" to hold tools and roofers. This will allow for extra flexibility, as workers will not be required to hold everything on their person. The brackets adjust to multiple angles to provide secure support for materials, tools and tradesmen.

Pair with the SeamSafe Roof Anchor.


  • B1: 7.1 lbs - 10 3/4" base W X 13 3/4" L X 3 3/4" H
  • B2: 7.8 lbs - 10 3/4" base W X 13 3/4" L X 4" H
  • B3: 7.3 lbs - 10 3/4" base W X 13 3/4" L X 4 3/4" H


SeamSafe Warranty

All material and products supplied are warranted to be free from defects in materials, workmanship, and assembly (insofar as the products were preassembled, and to exclude the on site assembly done by others) for one year from the date of purchase, and are warranted to be compliant with generally accepted safety and health practices and OSHA regulations and interpretations in force as of the day of supply – when properly used by fully trained craftsmen under the supervision of a qualified person and a competent person who is their supervisor. User is advised that notices on the unit or instructions about dates or lengths of service, or for taking unit out of service are guidelines, are not any guarantee of any life expectancy or expiration date. The wearing out of a safety product is expected and is in relation to the kind of use and care it receives during its useful life.

NOTE: Warranty does not cover wear and tear from heavy or normal use, abuse, accidents, chemical exposure, sunlight, welding or other UV damage, environment, or any other job condition or user imposed treatment. Buyer's/Users' sole remedy for the Warranty is for the user/buyer to return the goods for the price paid, or for replacement with like material and products, in new condition. Do not return any goods without authorization.

NOTE: This is a limited warranty, insofar as the conditions of use, the purposes for use, the environmental conditions, the handling, installation, and assembly of a system by others, the use of non supplied materials as part of the installation, the use of non supplied components as part of a complete fall arrest system for the individual users, the qualifications and actions of supervision and competent qualified persons at a paticular jobsite, and the personnel training for the various employees of various employers that may have access to the product, among other variables, are all completely out of the hands of the manufacturer and supplier, therefore there cannot be and there is not any further guarantee or warranty for the fitness for duty, fitness for purpose, fitness for any intended use, adequacy of instructions or warnings, merchantability, or any other warranty or guarantee of any kind or nature whatsoever. This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may have additional legal rights in your state.

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