SMA RS-485 Communication Quick Module Interface & Multi-Function Relay

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Accessory for Sunny Boy 2000HF/2500HF/3000HF. The RS485 Quick Module allows the setup of a cable-connected RS485 communication between the above mentioned inverters.

The SMA inverters of the SB 2000 HF-US / 2500 HF-US / 3000 HF-US types are equipped with a communication module (Quick Module) and a Bluetooth Wireless Technology interface by default. You can retrofit the inverters with the RS485 Quick Module with an RS485 interface and multifunction relay. For this, exchange the Quick Module delivered with the inverter for an RS485-Quick Module.

Appropriate Usage
  • The RS485 Quick Module is provided as an upgrade kit or included in the scope of delivery of the inverter.
  • The RS485 Quick Module is only suitable for use with SMA inverter of type Sunny Boy 2000HF/2500HF/3000HF. Please also observe the installation guide of the respective inverter.
  • The RS485 Quick Module is equipped with an RS485 interface and a multi-function relay.
  • Via the RS485 interface, you can establish a wired RS485 communication of the above mentioned SMA inverter types.
  • The multi-function relay serves to connect or disconnect a fault indicator or external load, depending on the power availability of the inverter.


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