S-5! S-5-U Clamp Size U Universal Clamp with 10mm Bolt

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S-5! S-5-U Clamp Size U Universal Clamp with 10mm bolt for Standing Seam

S-5!® clamps attach to the panel seam by the tightening of two "bullet-nosed" stainless steel setscrews against the seam material. (This is usually done with an industrial grade screwgun.) The setscrews compress the seam material against the opposite wall of the clamp. They will "dimple" the seam material, but will not penetrate it. Threaded holes in the clamp (and stainless hardware provided) enable the easy attachment of various ancillary items to the clamps.

The S-5-U clamp is by far our most popular and most versatile clamp. It will fit about 85% of the standing seam profiles manufactured in North America — including most structural and architectural profiles. It can be used on vertically oriented seams, and by rotating the clamp 90 degrees, it can also be used on most horizontal 2” seam profiles. Its simple design, generous dimensioning and multiple hole orientations are what make it so versatile for use with S-5!® snow retention products and other heavy-duty applications.

S-5! S-5-U Example Profiles

For horizontal seams greater than .65" use the S-5-U in its horizontal orientation. For horizontal seams under .65" do not use this clamp.

S-5! S-5-U Application

A structural aluminum attachment clamp, the S-5-U is compatible with most common metal roofing materials excluding copper. All included hardware is stainless steel. The S-5-U clamp has been tested for load-to-failure results on most major brands and profiles of standing seam roofing.

Its simple design, generous dimensioning and multiple hole orientations are what make the S-5-U clamp so versatile for use with the S-5!® snow retention products, such as ColorGard®, as well as with other heavy-duty applications.

S-5! S-5-U Instructions

Installation is as simple as placing the clamp on the seam and tightening the patented round-point setscrews to the specified tension.

What profiles will the S-5-U fit?
The S-5-U clamp will fit most standing seam profiles on the market today, including both "architectural" and "structural" types. When in doubt about a particular seam or profile, check the dimensioning of the seam and compare with the critical dimensions shown at right.

There are a few profiles which are "marginal." One example is FireStone / UNA CLAD / Copper Sales UC-4 (at left). The clamp will fit over this profile, but must be slipped on from the end and then carefully moved to its desired location or alternatively crimped at clamp locations. Another example is Berridge "Cee Lock." The S-5-U will fit this profile, but it may have to be forced down until it snaps over the seam profiling (far left); alternatively the S-5-Z or S-5-Z Mini will fit this.

S-5! S-5-U Marginal Profiles

A few profiles may require some minor modification to the seam prior to clamp installation. The Fabral "Snap Rib" is an example. To use on this profile, the cap must be field notched. This procedure is described by Fabral in their S-5! user information guide booklet.

S-5! S-5-U Modification Profiles

Another profile that may require some modification is the "Armco Steelox" and similar horizontal seams, on which the seamer does not completely close the seam, but only partially so. The dimensioning on these seams is such that the clamp will not slip over the seam (above left). Some hand crimping at the clamp location will resolve this problem. This can be done by hand with a pair of ViceGrip tinners, pliers or hand tongs. This method works well if there are only a few clamps to install. If there are many, a better crimping tool is available.


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