Powertraveller Powermonkey Classic Portable Charger in Silver CLA002

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The iconic Powermonkey Classic: a charging device that's become one of the most widely recognized and versatile portable chargers available on the market today.

Charge your smartphone, mobile, iPod/MP3 player, PDA, handheld games console, e-reader and other 5V devices in style.

The Powermonkey Classic was the first charger manufactured by Powertraveller in 2006, bringing a whole new meaning to the term "portable power". Negating the need for an array of different chargers and cables, its compact, lightweight design and charging capabilities quickly made it one of the most popular power solutions available on the market and the name "Powermonkey" has become well recognized throughout the UK and Europe as an approved Apple accessory.

The Powermonkey Classic portable charger incorporates a lithium-Ion battery which can recharge a standard mobile phone fully up to three times (1.5 on a smartphone) before you'll need to recharge the Powermonkey unit. It will also give you up to 40 hours of play time on your iPod, 48 hours on your PDA and up to 5 hours gaming on your handheld games console.

Weighing just 70 grams and measuring 88 x 39 x 37mm, powermonkey classic will work with any electronic device up to 5Volts and comes with a universal mains adaptor that works in over 150 countries around the world. Included with the powermonkey is a pack of adaptors (monkeynuts) for the leading mobile phone brands (including Sony-Ericsson, Samsung, Nokia and BlackBerry), as well as tips for other handheld gadgets such as iPod and Sony PSP.

The Powermonkey Classic portable charger can be recharged either by the included universal mains charger or via the retractable USB cable in the kit.

Works With

  • PDAs
  • iPhones/Smart Phones
  • Mobile Phone
  • iPods/MP3/MP4
  • PSP/Hand-held/Games Consoles

Will Also Work With

  • Hand-held Cameras/Action Cameras
  • Sat-Navs/GPS
  • Head Torches

Number of Charges

  • iPhone/smartphone: 1-2 times
  • GPS: 1-2 times
  • iPod/MP3 players: 2-6 times
  • Mobile phone: 2-3 times

Tech Specs

  • Milliamps Hour (mAh): 2200
  • Dimensions (L*H*W cm): 8.8 x 3.9 x 3.7
  • Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
  • Voltage: USB 5V


  • Input Interface: DC3.5 x 1.1
  • Input Voltage: 5v 500mA
  • Output Interface: D3.5 x 1.1
  • Output Voltage: 4.5~5.5V
  • Output Max Current: 1.2A
  • Colour available: silver, black, pink, blue or purple
  • Weight: 70g

In The Box

  • Powermonkey Classic Portable Charger
  • 10 x mobile device tips including; Nokia (tail of monkey), DC 2.0 (mini Nokia), Mini USB, Micro USB, Apple iPod/iPhone (3G/3GS/4/4S), Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson, DC 4.0 (Sony PSP), female USB tip
  • Retractable USB cable
  • Universal AC mains charger
  • Travel pouch

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