Powertraveller Gorilla Pad Connector ACC1032

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Fear not, iPad users everywhere... Powertraveller has a tip to charge your fabulous Apple iPad with our minigorilla, powergorilla V2 or solargorilla portable chargers.

The powergorilla will take approximately 2.5 hours to recharge the iPad fully and holds sufficient power to do so twice, giving a total of approximately 24 extra hours.

The minigorilla will take 2 hours to recharge the iPad up to 75%, giving a total of approximately 8.4 extra hours.

The gorilla-pad connector features a resistor ID which converts the standard 5volts at 1amp USB into the 5volts at 2.1amps required by the iPad. This compact yet highly efficient little connector weighs only 65grams and measures 50 x 35 x 16mm.

We recommend that you select the 8.4volt setting on the minigorilla or powergorilla as the lower voltage has a better DC/DC converting efficiency which significantly improves the charging efficiency. Do not select a setting higher than 12V on the minigorilla or powergorilla as this may damage your gorilla product. The gorilla-pad is not suitable for use with the older powergorillas (V1s) that only have the 3 voltage settings of 16, 19 & 24V.

Please be aware that you should never use our retractable USB cable with the Gorilla-pad accessory - our cable is not rated to take 2.1amps and may be damaged, especially if used when not retracted. Your device's genuine USB cable must ALWAYS be used.


  • Input: 5V~24V, 4A
  • Output: 5V, 2.1A with iPad resistor ID inside USB
  • Dimensions: 50 x 35 x 16mm (1.97x1.38x.63 inches)
  • Cable Length: 140mm (5.51inches)
  • Weight: 65g (.14 lbs)


  • Converts different input voltage & current into iPad acceptable charging voltage & current
  • Compact with high efficiency
  • High input voltage protection
  • Fully charging iPad in 2 hours

*image shown of iPad & minigorilla with prototype tip. For use with minigorilla, powergorilla V2 or solargorilla only. Not compatible with powergorilla V1 (16/19/24v only) as requires 8.4v setting.

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