P3 International Save a Drop Green Nozzle P0520

Price: $19.99 Quantity: Product #: CPIC824 Mfg #: P0520

Ships in 3 - 4 business days.

The Save A Drop™ Green Nozzle can be easily added to your hose to monitor water usage for required needs. Over-watering plants and schrubs can diminish plant health. Measure with this meter and you can take all the guesswork out of delivering the right amount of water to all of your plantings. Now you know exactly how much water each plant gets and you can prevent root rot and other infestations before they take hold in your garden.

  • Prevents over-watering
  • Calculates both single-use and total water consumption
  • Accurately measures to a 1/10th of a gallon
  • Easy to read LCD Display
  • Consistent Flow Rate
  • Ultra-Break Resistant rugged housing
  • Battery Save Mode
  • Required Power Supply: CR2032 Coin Cell

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