Multi-Contact MC4 Connector w/Boot for 10/12 AWG 6-9mm PV Wire, Female (+)

Price: $1.82 Quantity: Product #: IMC135 Mfg #: 32.0016P0001-UR
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Multi-Contact MC4 Connector with Boot for 10 or 12 AWG 6 to 9 mm PV Wire, Female (+), 32.0016P0001-UR / PV-KBT4/6II-UR.

  • Snap-in locking
  • Locking by safety lock clip PV-SSH4 in accordance with NEC 2011, can be released only with tool
  • Proven MC-Multilam technology with high long-term stability
  • Tried and tested plug connectors

MC4 Cable Coupler Technical Data

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