Morningstar SunLight Solar Lighting Controller SL-20L-12V, 20A 12VDC

Price: $106.99 Quantity: Product #: IMSC803 Mfg #: SL-20L-12V
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Morningstar’s advanced SunLight solar lighting controller combines the SunSaver design with an advanced microcontroller for automatic lighting control functions.

Solar Lighting Controller
  • 20A at 12 VDC

Key Features and Benefits
  • Microcontroller digital accuracy
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Ten field adjustable lighting control options
  • Special on/off/on lighting functions
  • Manual test capability
  • LVD override protection
  • Detects day and night using the PV array
  • Suitable for all 12 VDC lamps
  • Sealed/Flooded battery select
  • Temperature compensation
  • Parallel with a SunSaver for 40 amps solar
  • Includes SunSaver battery charging circuit

Morningstar String Calculator
The Morningstar String Calculator will help you decide how many PV modules you may use in series and parallel with a Morningstar charge controller.


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