IronRidge XR1000 Rail, 11 Feet XR-1000-132A

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Price: $42.25 Quantity: Product #: IIR1137 Mfg #: XR-1000-132A
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Ships Freight in 5 - 7 business days and separate from any non-freight items. Freight charge is $150 for the first rail and $5 for each additional rail thereafter. Your account will be credited for any freight charge over this amount.

XR1000 is the new name for XRS. The XR1000 is a heavyweight among solar mounting rails. It’s built to handle extreme climates and spans 12 feet or more for commercial applications.

XR Rails are the backbone of the solar array. Their unique curved profile increases structural strength and spanning capability, allowing for fewer roof penetrations and more cost-effective system designs.

XR Rails are available in three targeted sizes: XR10, XR100 & XR1000. Each size supports specific design loads, while minimizing material costs. Depending on your location, there is an XR Rail to match.

The new lengths roughly match the widths of 3x, 4x, and 5x solar modules in portrait, so this change will typically result in less wasted aluminum and fewer rail cuts.


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