IronRidge 51-7528-028H Adjustable Tilt Leg Assembly Kit 28 Inch

Price: $77.95 Quantity: Product #: IIR458 Mfg #: 51-7528-028H
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Each Tilt Leg Assembly Kit comes with the 6” front leg, the longer adjustable rear leg, and all the necessary hardware. Tilt Angle varies between 0 and 45 degrees on the roof. The Tilt Legs are manufactured using 6061-T6 aluminum.

The Adjustable Tilt Leg is a flexible and straightforward roof mounting attachment and just like the Fixed Tilt Legs, these Adjustable Tilt Legs attach directly to the IronRidge Standard (XRS) and the IronRidge Light (XRL) Rails. Due to its modular design, it can easily be used in any size installation.

For a quick lesson in how to size tilt legs for your array, check out this great video from Ironridge.


  • 51-7528-028H: Adjustable Tilt Leg, 28 Inches (30-46")


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