Fronius COM Card Retrofit, 4,240,001Z

Price: $121.99 Quantity: Product #: IFUL409 Mfg #: 4,240,001Z
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Fronius COM Card Retrofit, Part No. 4,240,001Z

Fronius IG Solar Inverter Interface and power supply option card for aftermarket installation of the DatCom data communication system. Com cards provide the data link from the Fronius IG or Fronius IG Plus to the SolarNet and to the associated DATCOM components.  For this reason, Com cards are only available as plug-in cards. One Com card is required for each Fronius IG and Fronius IG Plus.

The COM Card is the inverter's voice in the DATCOMsystem and works with all Fronius inverters (IG, IG Plus, or CL). It provides the power supply to other Fronius DATCOM components and handles communication to all devices within the monitoring system. Fronius IG Plus and Fronius CL inverters can output the open interface protocol via the Fronius Com Card.

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