Enphase ZigBee Repeater for RGM, RGM-RR-01

Price: $96.65 Quantity: Product #: IEE1162 Mfg #: RGM-RR-01
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Enphase offers the ZigBee Repeater for Envoy communication with RGM.

If the Envoy does not show a connection to the RGM within ten minutes after rescanning the ZigBee network, double-check that the EUI64 code from the meter faceplate exactly matches the code as typed at the Envoy interface on the ZigBee Device Configuration page. If you find that a code was entered incorrectly, select and unmanage the incorrect EUI64, then add a new device with the correct EUI64 and Install Code. If the code is correct, you may need to install a repeater.


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