Enphase Energy Branch Terminator ET-TERM

Price: $14.99 Quantity: Product #: IEE1059 Mfg #: ET-TERM
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Ships in 3 - 4 business days.

One terminator needed per branch circuit.

The Engage System is comprised of ruggedized cabling and accessories that enable fast, easy installations of the Enphase System. Snap-together connectors and waterproof enclosures deliver a streamlined, secure, and standardized approach to array wiring unique to the Enphase System.

Engage Cable accessories include the branch terminator, cable clip, and sealing cap. Together, these accessories allow for clean, tidy, and aesthetically pleasing arrays.

Engage Cable and Accessories

  • Quick installation
  • Large branch capacity
  • Simple design
  • No additional cables
  • No high-voltage DC
  • Reduced fire risk


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