Amphenol Helios H4 PV Connector w/Boot, 10AWG Female (+) H4CFC6DI

Price: $2.29 Quantity: Product #: IAM125 Mfg #: H4CFC6DI
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Amphenol, Helios H4 Connector with Boot for 5.25 mm to 7.3 mm OD #10 AWG PV Wire, Female (+), H4CFC6DI.

The H4 comes from the innovative family of Amphenol’s Helios solar products. Quick and easy snap lock mating and reliable crimp terminations make this an ideal solution for field installation. The long-term UV and ozone resistance, as well as the low resistance self-cleaning contact grid distinguish the H4 as the most efficient and durable solar connector option. The H4 is fully intermateable with industry standards.

Amphenol Industrial Solar Technologies’ H4 PV Connector is the premiere solar connector in the market today. Carries more amps, has a higher voltage rating, higher IP rating, and is fully intermatable with the industry standard connector. Meets the NEC 2008/2011 standard “as is” no additional locking-clip required.

Features & Benefits

  • Fully intermateable with industry standard
  • Long-term UV and Ozone resistance
  • Highest current rating in industry
  • Highest voltage rating in industry
  • Complete Cable Assemblies available
  • Low contact resistance means low power loss
  • Ready for field assembly


  • UL 1000V
  • TUV 1500V
  • Meets all NEC 2008/2011 requirements
  • RoHS compliant

Amphenol Industrial Global Operations announced in an April 2012 Press Release that Helios H4 is UL certified to 1000V. This UL rating allows Amphenol’s connectors to be used in existing systems as well as in new ones that require more voltage without having to increase cable size. The increase in voltage rating allows higher voltage systems to be created with a lower percentage of voltage drop. It also decreases the use of copper and the dollar per watt through electrical efficiency.


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